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Mediterranean House Plans

The Mediterranean style house plan design is characterized by low-pitched tile roofs, a stucco exterior, and interior courtyards and verandas to offer outdoor living space. Smaller versions of the Mediterranean home typically have an open floor plan with large windows and interior supporting columns and arches. This architectural style is predominantly found in warm, sunny regions of the country.

The Mediterranean style house plan design is perfectly suited for a warm, sunny climate as it incorporates the best aspects of outdoor living into your home. One of the most popular features of this style of home is the interior courtyard which provides private outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Stucco and brick are commonly used in the construction of the Mediterranean style home, keeping the home cool in summer and warm in winter. Arched doorways from one room to the next and open floor plans lend a spaciousness to this house plan design, making it an ideal gathering place for family and friends. 

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