Reverse Living House Plans

Reverse Living House Plans

Ideal for sloped lots, reverse living house plans are a great choice for building lots with panoramic views. With a reverse living floor plan often the bedrooms, garage, storage, and other secondary spaces are on the ground or main floor. The social gathering spaces such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and when space allows the master bedroom are on the upper level. It is common for inverted floor plans to feature elevated outdoor spaces with the use of decks and balconies. 


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    The House Plan Company's collection of View Lot House Plans offer plans across a wide range of styles and sizes. Whether you are looking to enjoy a mountain, lake, river, ocean, or urban view you are sure to find the perfect plan!

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    Let The Outdoors In: How Home Design Can Connect Us With Nature

    Large bodies of research have shown that time spent in or viewing nature can have positive effects on our brains, bodies, emotions, thoughts, and interactions with others. For home buyers looking to build, creating opportunities to incorporate nature and natural settings into the home’s design can be a great way to let the outdoors in.

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    Reverse Living House Plans offer a unique solution to capturing views that would otherwise be lost or only enjoyed from the privacy of the homes bedrooms. Find more unique floor plans in our collection of Unique House Plans.

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