Variety of Architectural Styles & Floor Plan Sizes

Economical Alternative to Custom Design

Construction Documents can be Tailored to Local Codes & Building Practices

Concept House Plans

An economical alternative to a Custom Home Design, a Concept Plan provides a great starting point for your plans. The time spent crafting the design represents a significant portion of traditional custom design services, Concept Plans speed up that initial phase of your project by providing the essentials of the design allowing a local design professional to complete the construction documents to your areas building practices, building codes, and site conditions.
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From in-depth articles about your favorite styles and trends to additional plans that you may be interested in. The House Plan Company is here to make the search for more — easy for you.

  • HPC Service

    Plan Modifications

    Found a design that is close but not exactly what you want to build? Not a problem! Modifications are easy and Designers and Architects are here to help you tailor any plan on HPC to your specifications.

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  • Blog

    How to Evaluate a Plan

    When looking at plans, most often it's the exterior profile that will first grab your attention. It's important to spend some time and digest the design's interior elements. Here are a few considerations to think about when evaluating if this is the right plan for you.

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  • Blog

    What Designers & Architects want you to know about plan revisions

    Plan modifications, when made prior to the start of construction, can result in one of the most cost-effective ways for homeowners to create and customize their dream home.

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