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Making the decision to build a new home, garage, or income property is both exciting and overwhelming. Knowing what to expect and how the process works can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with any construction project. To help jump start your project, The House Plan Company has put together some helpful hints from our talented Designers and Architects!

Pro-Tip #1

Make sure to give the design phase time. Whether you want to customize a plan or it is perfect as is, the design is the first of many pieces to come together.

Pro-Tip #2
HPC Account

Stay up to date with design articles and new plans! Your HPC account allows you to save the designs you love, helping you to narrow down your search to the perfect plan.

Pro-Tip #3
Ask Questions

Not sure about a design feature or have a specific requirement? Our team of customer service experts along with designers and architects are available

to help!

Pro-Tip #4
Have a Team

Find a builder who is
knowledgeable and easy to talk with. As your source for local building practices, your builder can help you navigate local

Pro-Tip #5

Building is exciting! Starting with a great set of plans will help avoid mistakes in the field and allow you to focus on those fun decisions - like selecting paint colors and finishes.


Make sure that the plan you build is exactly what you are looking for!

Plan Modifications are an easy way to add that custom touch to any pre-designed plan. Following Pro-Tip #1 will ensure that you are happy with your build for years to come.


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