European House Plans

European House Plans

European style house plans feature architectural designs and details inspired by Old World chateaus and picturesque cottages of France, Italy and England. These homes are often constructed with ornate metal work such as wrought iron balustrades, copper awnings and decorative shutters adorning windows and balconies. Steep-pitched roofs, corner quoins and curved, interlocking lines are common among European style homes. The building’s exterior is typically sided or trimmed in brick, stone or stucco.

A European style house plan incorporates all of the best designs and details found in classic European architecture into a modern-day home. Imagine the grandeur of chateaus and castles in France and Italy sized down into your perfect dream home.

A common characteristic of the European style design is the use of metals throughout the interior and exterior of the home. You’ll often see gabled and hipped roofs and dormers around the top windows, and front porches with their own roofs supported by pillars and columns. Numerous windows let in natural light and often have an arched design found in Old World cottages.

European style house plans typically feature three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths, but can also be customized smaller or larger depending on your needs. The building’s exterior is often constructed of brick, stone or stucco to withstand the elements over generations. The spacious living space and abundant architectural details of a European style home make it your own personal chateau. 


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