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Country House Plans

The Country style house plan evokes a sense of nostalgia with its prominent, wraparound porches, gabled roofs, and modest wood exterior. You can almost picture yourself on the front porch sipping lemonade in rocking chairs with friends on a warm summer day.

The Country style house plan offers comfort, space, and functionality. The interior design features functionality and flows from room to room, while the exterior is typically simple and modest. The Country home design can include anywhere from three to six bedrooms and an attached or detached garage depending on the size of the property. The main living space is spread across the first level with a half story or second level attached to the dwelling. A gabled roof and window dormers help to shed snow and rain from the house.

The Country style house plan is ideal for homeowners who dream about simple living in a rural environment whether on rolling plains, in wooded hills or mountain valleys. 

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