Clean Lines with Horizontal or Vertical Siding

Generous Covered Porches and Application of Windows

Natural Wood Accents Against White Paint or Stone

Farmhouse Plans

The classic Farmhouse style house design plan conjures notions of a simpler time, plenty of room for a growing family and a strong connection to the land. Timeless features of classic Farmhouse design include clean lines, lap siding, steep roofs and generous porches to enjoy the outdoors.

There are many different types of classic farmhouse style house design plans from the French Bresse house (characterized by its long length, brick exterior and wood shingle roof) to Norwegian farmhouses (made of timber or logs and built on the steep fjords) to the American farmhouse with its straightforward rectangular construction. Whichever style of farmhouse style house design plan appeals to you, its charming yet modest character fits into any neighborhood, in-fill lot or rural setting.

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