Garage, Garage w/Living, Carports

Garage, Garage w/Living, Carports

The House Plan Company features one a large selection of garage, garage with living space and carport plans. Whether homeowners are seeking space to park vehicles, store RVs and equipment, engage in hobbies or create additional living quarters, these plans offer a variety of options for adding space and value to your property. Every type of design can be found here, from garage apartment plans and custom RV garages to carports and barns. Regardless of the structure, garage designs can be customized to create the ideal additional space.

Building a garage or carport can offer many benefits to homeowners who have the right amount of space on their property. A garage not only offers protection for vehicles, it also can serve as storage space, hobby or workspace, and even additional living space.

The size of the garage floor plan will depend on the type, number and size of vehicles being protected as well as other uses for the space. For decades, garage space has served as a multipurpose catchall for vehicles and extra storage for every piece of equipment including recreational toys, lawnmowers and tools, patio furniture, holiday decorations and more.

In more recent years, however, the garage has been transformed into a place for work, hobbies or living outside of the home. Larger garages have become a workshop space, hobby and recreation rooms, offices and even mother-in-law suites. A second floor on a detached garage plan can offer space for a separate apartment complete with a living room, kitchen, master suite and private entrance. These plans can also be customized with a balcony and oversized windows.

Garage, garage with living space and carport plans offer homeowners functionality and flexibility in creating additional storage and extra space for their specific needs and value for their property. Our car garage plans are available in a variety of sizes, square feet, and architectural styles. Find the perfect garage plan for you and boost your curb appeal by browsing our collection below. Need help choosing a plan? Contact us today for help selecting your detached garage plan.


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