Shingle-Style House Plans

Shingle-Style House Plans

Shingle style house plans are a unique and distinctive form of American architecture that emerged in the late 19th century. These homes are known for their irregular, asymmetrical shapes and the use of shingles as the primary exterior material, giving them a rustic and natural appearance.

One of the defining features of shingle style house plans is their steeply pitched, multi-gabled roofs. These roofs are often accented with decorative dormers, creating a sense of verticality that adds to the visual interest of the house. The roofs are typically covered in cedar shingles, which can be left to weather naturally or painted in a variety of colors.

Another notable feature of shingle style home plans is their large, sweeping porches that often wrap around the front and sides of the house. These porches are supported by sturdy columns and offer a welcoming and inviting entryway for guests. The porches also provide a comfortable outdoor living space for relaxing and entertaining, and are often equipped with ceiling fans, comfortable seating, and other amenities.

Inside, shingle style houses are characterized by their open floor plans and large, spacious rooms. The design often includes grand staircases, wood paneling, and exposed beams, which create a sense of warmth and richness. The interiors are typically finished with high-quality materials such as hardwood floors, granite countertops, and custom cabinetry.

Other common features of shingle style house plans include large windows that allow for plenty of natural light and scenic views, as well as the use of natural materials such as stone, wood, and brick in the construction of the home.

Overall, shingle style house plans are a unique and elegant form of architecture that offer both beauty and functionality. Their distinctive features make them a popular choice for homeowners who value tradition, craftsmanship, and classic design.


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