Spanish House Plans

Spanish House Plans

Known for their low-pitched, red tile roofs and stucco exterior, Spanish style houses can commonly be found in the southern and southwestern parts of the country. This house plan style is characterized by such architectural features as columns and arches, exterior balconies with wrought iron details and private courtyards for outdoor living. 

The Spanish style house design offers large, open living spaces on the main floor and bedrooms either on the same level or on a partial second floor. Kitchens and living rooms are commonly located at the front of the house with bedrooms in wings on either side. Some plans offer an asymmetrical hexagon-shaped structure and enclosed courtyards with patios, gardens and pools for outdoor living. The use of stucco on the exterior and low-pitched, tiled roofs not only make for great curb appeal, they also help to keep the home cool and comfortable year-round. Grand arches, stone pillars, and wrought iron details round out the Spanish style look. Inside the home, exposed timber beams, numerous windows, and entrances to the outdoors and an open floor plan create a warm, welcoming feeling. 


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