Victorian House Plans

Victorian House Plans

Victorian house plans are frequently 2 stories with steep-pitched roof lines of varied heights along with turrets, dormers, and window bays. Front gables are have ornate gingerbread detailing, and wood shingles. The front porches of Victorian home plans are often adorned with decorative banisters and railings.

The Victorian-style house design became popular in the  1800's  to the early  1900's  and are still sought after in contemporary times.

Take a step back in time to the Victorian era, where elegance and ornamentation were dominant characteristics of both the interior and exterior design. Signature dormers, turrets, eyebrow windows and steeply pitched roofs all comprise Victorian-style architecture. The Victorian home plans are well suited for small or large lots as well as narrow ones. The floor plan features all of the main living quarters on the first floor with bedrooms either on the second floor or on the first floor with a master suite on the second. A Victorian home offers both functionality and sophistication in a home design and can be customized in many different ways to meet your needs.


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