Hill Country Plans

Hill Country Plans

"Empowering homeowners to shape their dream space within their means has always been our mission," declares esteemed Texas A.I.B.D. Designer, Charles Roccaforte.

With three decades of residential expertise, Roccaforte's design philosophy is straightforward: assist clients in formulating a budget and provide unwavering support throughout the design and construction phases to ensure adherence to it.

Clients are invited to actively engage in every facet of the project. Through collaborative sessions, the floor plan and exterior aesthetic gradually take form. We encourage clients to bring visual inspirations, be it snapshots, magazine clippings, or even rough sketches, enabling us to accurately gauge their desires and requirements. We go a step further by encouraging them to compile a 'Wish List,' aiming to incorporate these elements into the design blueprint.

Homeowners should be assured they have chosen skilled professionals who not only excel in their craft but also resonate with them on a personal level. Confidence is key - clients must trust that their choices regarding the home's design and construction will be valued, and that every contributor to the project shares a unified objective.

Having settled in the serene heart of central Texas' hill country, Roccaforte ingeniously merged indigenous materials like rock and cedar with soaring ceilings, steep roofs, dormer windows, and sweeping verandas, crafting a style harmonious with the rustic surroundings.