How do I know how much the design will cost to build?

HPC has partnered with StartBuild to provide an intuitive cost to build calculator on any house, garage, multi-family, or accessory structure plan. For $29.95 this tool provides you with the ability to set quality of construction and finishes from Budget, Mid-Range, and Premium and toggle them to help bring your chosen plan into the price point you are aiming for. Once you are ready to purchase your plan, HPC will provide you with a store credit of the purchase of the report towards your order. Note: To receive your store credit make sure to create an account and use the same email address when ordering your CTB report.

What plan package should I choose?

Print Packages: With print packages, you should count on at least one for permitting, one for yourself (for finish selections), and at minimum 3 for your builder. You may want to check with your builder how many sets they prefer. Print packages are not licensed for plan modifications. PDF Plan Packages: (recommended) The most economical package to consider is to purchase the PDF format of the house plan. The advantage first off is you save on shipping. The PDF format allows you to locally print as many copies you need as you need them to build the structure one time. Also, many building jurisdictions are going to an electronic permitting process, and the PDF format can be emailed to various sub-contractors saving the builder valuable time and resources in distributing paper copies of the design. Some PDF Packages are modifiable versions and can allow for modifications and engineering. Carefully review the product description at checkout. CAD Master Package: This modifiable house plan package provides you with the construction documents in a .DWG format. Compatible software is required to open and modify the construction drawings. With the CAD Masters, local professionals can assist you with plan modifications as well as incorporating any additional engineering or local building code requirements.

Can I make changes to the plans and how much will it cost?

Yes! The plans found on The House Plan Company are customizable. The cost for modifications varies based on the type and extent of the changes you want to make. Checkout our Customizations page for more details on revision services. HPC is a true quote website. What does that mean? It means HPC will not add a mark-up to the modification quote you receive. To receive your FREE modification quote find your nearly perfect plan and use the Get a Quote button on the plan detail page to submit your request.

After I place my order, how long until I receive my plans?

Order processing times will vary. Orders are immediately sent to the designer or architect for fulfillment. On average orders are processed within 1 - 2 business days. There are times when the designer will need additional time to fulfill your order. When this occurs, it will be communicated to you.

What's the difference between the PDF and CAD Master Plan Packages?

The main difference between the CAD Master and PDF Master house plan packages is the format that the construction documents will be provided to you. The CAD Master will give you the plans in the original .DWG format (or .DXF upon request) where the PDF Master provides the plans in a .PDF format. Both Master options do require compatible software to open and modify the design.

My engineer wants an electronic version of the plan; can I upgrade my original purhcase?

Yes you can! Call our Customer Support Specialists at 866-688-6970, Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM (PT) to upgrade. Please have your order number ready.

I didn’t order enough blueprint sets, can I make copies of the one I have?

Before making copies of the plans you've purchased please check your license agreement. Not all plans allow for local copies to be made. Reproduction of the plans without the designer's permission is a violation of their copyright. HPC can help you get more copies and keep your project moving forward. Give our Customer Support Specialists a call. We may be able to upgrade your order to a plan package that will allow for copies to be made or can help you purchase additional printed copies.

Can I exchange or return the plans?

Plans are distributed in response to your order and due to the high reproducibility of the products for sale we are unable to accept returns. HPC is here to help make sure your build is what you are looking for. An exchange for a different plan may be possible. To see if you are eligible for an exchange call or email us. All digital plan packages (PDF and CAD) are FINAL and cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.

Can I build your house plans if I don’t live in the US?

Yes! For those building outside the United States, we recommend purchasing a digital plan package. This will help save on international shipping and extra delivery time. PDF, CAD, or Plans Now are all delivered electronically. In a hurry? Plans Now packages are fulfilled through the website allowing you to have plans in hand the same day you buy!

Are the plans stamped by an engineer?

No, plans do not include structural engineering. An engineer's review is specific to the building lot and needs to be provided by a professional registered in the state the design is being constructed in. You will need to contact an engineer in your area.

Do the plans come with material lists?

Material List availability design specific. If the plan you are looking at has a material list available you'll find it under Additional Options on the plan detail page. If the plan you have chosen does not have a material list available, the designer may be able to assist us in obtaining one. Give us a call at 866-688-6970 or email us using the Contact Us form.

Do the construction drawings show plumbing, electrical and HVAC layouts?

Plans may show a suggested electrical layout along with the locations of plumbing and HVAC fixtures. These components are site specific and will vary based on the site and types of systems being installed. The mechanical, plumbing, and electrical contractors will review the construction drawings and prepare the needed information for the service or system they are assisting with. For information about what a particular design may provide, check out the What's in the Plans section on the plan detail page for more specifics about the design you are interested in.

How many times can I build the plan I purchased?

This depends on the plan package. Most plan packages include only a single build license allowing you to construct the design one (1) time. Some designers and architects offer Master Builder Packages, Additional Build Licenses, or Multi-Use Licenses. If you don't see these additional build license options give us a call at 866-688-6970 or use the Contact Us form.

I'd like to know if a home has ever been built and if I can arrange to see it?

The majority of the plans on this site have been constructed. It’s important to us to respect and protect the privacy of those who have purchased designs so we are unable to provide site information.

Can you refer a builder that's in my area?

At this time, we don’t offer builder referral services. Most likely your area has a local Home Builder Association which is a great resource to find a builder who constructs the caliber of home you are looking to build. Friends, family and co-workers can also be a good resource to find a local builder.

Can I obtain a building permit with your plans? Is there anything else I will need to do?

Each building jurisdiction is different and you will need to confirm with your building department what the requirements are for your project. Construction documents are subject to local codes and requirements which may require a structural engineer review the lateral and seismic conditions. This is a site specific review and best provided by a local, registered professional. However, if you need assistance with this we can help facilitate the review. Additional documentation your building department may require includes (but is not limited to): a site plan, truss engineering or energy review.

Can I show a plan to someone locally to draw?

No, the plans on this site are copyrighted so you can’t show these plans to someone else to draw. Please respect the work and time of the designers and architects on this site. Know that copyright infringement can come with expensive consequences for everyone involved in the infringement. You CAN however, purchase a modifiable format of the house plans (PDF Master or CAD Master) to have customization changes made locally.

What makes your site different from the others? Why should I buy my plans through you?

At The House Plan Company we are dedicated to bring you the best home plan buying experience. To do this we have teamed with talented Designers and Architects and created a co-operative environment so that you can feel confident with your purchase. We are also committed to quality and timely customer service. Our customer service and sales teams are dedicated to helping you get answers to your questions and make sure your house plan buying experience is a great one! And as a full service plan retailer we can assist you with customization services so that your project turns out exactly as you envisioned and tailored to your lifestyle.

Are there photos of this house I can see?

We wish there were photos available for all the home plans, but if the house plan you are considering doesn't have photos chances are the home designer hasn't been able to obtain them.

What are the advantages of purchasing a pre-designed plan vs. custom design?

A pre-designed home plan can be a huge cost saving over starting from scratch with a custom design which in some instances is a percentage of the overall construction budget.

How do I go about customizing a plan?

Look for the Get a Quote button on the plan detail page. Use the form to outline the changes you want to make to the interior and exterior of the home. If sketches are an easier way to relay your design goals you can send us up to three sketches! Once submitted, you can expect to receive feedback or give us a call at 866-688-6970 and we can help you start the modification process.

I received my quote and the changes cost more than the plan packages. Why is that?

Construction documents are complicated and a great deal of care goes into making sure you are able to build the design correctly. When modification quotes match or exceed the price of the plan packages this normally means that there is a lot of the design that is being altered or the changes requested impact key load bearing points of the structure meaning the plan will need to be reviewed very carefully. By taking the time to make sure the construction drawings match what you are looking to build and allowing the Designer or Architect to assist you with the modifications can save your builder time and resources during the construction process. Overall, you are still getting a great deal for a design that is customized to your needs.