Homeowners Adjust to a Turbulent Year with Emphasis on Adaptability

Homeowners Adjust to a Turbulent Year with Emphasis on Adaptability

The year 2020 has brought challenges few could have imagined beforehand. With the coronavirus pandemic changing how we live, work and socialize, the same trends affecting everyday life are also playing out for homeowners and designers.

Despite these unprecedented circumstances, the home design and construction industry has remained strong in 2020 – albeit with some different points of emphasis that reflect the current times.

Spending more time at home than ever before means placing a premium on storage space. To that end, designers and builders have noted record demand for improvement projects focused on garages, sheds, carports and other outbuildings, as existing owners have looked inward to enhance their current living spaces.

New homeowners, meanwhile, are benefitting from the low-hassle versatility of concept plans – home plans that give builders the elements of a design, but allow them to tailor the final product to any owner’s specific needs. These concept plans give owners the benefit of a custom design, and can save time in the planning and permitting stages for anyone building in areas with strict regulations.

These plans also fit in with owners’ design choices that reflect a trend toward affordable designs, maximizing the utility of spaces others might overlook. In a 1.5 story home plan, for example, an attic can be much more than an unfinished space. A plan that places the master bedroom and common spaces on the main floor, with a second floor built into the roof, transforms would-be attic space into additional bedrooms, a large media space, or even a home office. These 1.5 story plans have proven versatile and cost-effective for new homeowners, letting them reap the benefits of a two-story home at a bargain price.

The importance of extra rooms has taken on new meaning during a pandemic that has dramatically shifted how we work and learn. Homeowners are increasingly seeking out floor plans with rooms separate from the main living area as a result. These rooms don’t have to be large – a home office or pocket office enables family members working or attending classes from home to do so with greater privacy.

As buyers have leaned toward adaptable spaces, economical designs and interior upgrades of existing homes, some homeowners are seeking out opportunities for their natural surroundings to provide an extra element of luxury. Building on hillside lots has grown in popularity as land has become more available, providing an owner with views of surrounding hills and the sights below. These lots may require unique solutions to bring out the best result in a finished home, from a design standpoint and for the lifestyle of the owner. Fortunately, pre-designed home plans are available to meet these needs.

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