Associated Designs

Associated Designs

In the heart of the enchanting Pacific Northwest, Associated Designs is located in the stunning Willamette Valley. With over 30 years of experience, Rick McAlexander and his team of seasoned residential designers have passionately embraced the artistry of home design, crafting home plans that harmonize with nature and captivate the essence of Oregon living. Each home is held to the highest design standards, whether it is a single level or multi-level design.

Guided by the unique Oregon landscape, Associated Designs' plans are as diverse as the surroundings they are created in. From the rugged coastline to the stunning mountains to the high desert, each project is infused with creativity, expertise, and a touch of that renowned Oregonian warmth.

From cozy cottage retreats to modern marvels, our pre-designed plans have been meticulously curated to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics, these floor plans are a canvas on which your dreams can unfold, personalized to reflect your unique vision for your custom home design. We understand that a home is where memories are etched, laughter echoes through hallways, and futures take shape.

Discover the extraordinary: Embrace the Oregonian way of life through architecture. Your story begins here with Associated Designs' new custom designs and building plans.

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