Frequently Asked Questions

Customizing A House Plan

Can I make changes to the plans and how much will it cost?

Yes, our home plan designs are customizable and the cost depends on the type of changes you are looking to make. Some changes are simple, especially when non-load bearing walls, the foundation, or roof framing remains unchanged. Other changes can come very close to a complete redesign of the home plan. We offer FREE customization quotes.

HPC is a true quote website. What does that mean? It means HPC will not add a mark-up to the custom home plan modification quote you recieve saving you money to help you design your own home.

How do I go about customizing a plan?

Use the “customize this plan” feature available on each plan detail page to specify the changes you wish to make to the design. Once submitted, you can expect to hear receive feedback or a quote within 1-2 business day. Or, give us a call at 866-688-6970 and we can help you start the modification process.

I received my quote and the changes cost more than the plan packages. Why is that?

Construction documents are complicated and a great deal of care goes in to making sure you are able to build the house design correctly.  When modification quotes match or exceed the price of the home plan packages this normally means that there is a lot of the home design that is being altered or the changes requested impact key load bearing points of the structure meaning the plan will need to be reviewed very carefully. By taking the time to make sure the construction drawings match what you are looking to build and allowing the Designer or Architect to assist you with the modifications can save your builder time and resources during the construction process. Overall, you are still getting a great deal for a design that is customized to your needs.